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Living Costs

Studying in the UK is a significant financial commitment as well as an exciting adventure. On top of your tuition fees, you will need the funds to financially support yourself whilst you study.

Key considerations

  • Your second semester fee is due in Week 9 of your first semester, so you will need to have these funds in place ahead of time.
  • You will also need sufficient funds available to live comfortably. If you’ll be studying at undergraduate level, you will be living and studying in Birmingham for several years, so be sure to plan ahead.
  • There are lots of student discounts available for your favourite brands, but it is still sensible to create a basic budget.

Example costs

The UK government recommends you budget at least £1,023 per month to live comfortably. Here are some example costs to give you a head-start on your budget:

  • Weekly food shop – up to £50
  • Cup of coffee – £2.50
  • Gym membership – £40 per month

Working while you study

You have the option of working up to 20 hours per week during term time, but a part-time job will not provide enough to fully support your living costs. Your studies will be the priority, so you must be able to live comfortably without a job.

Watch our short video, which gives you a clear overview of what to expect in terms of the financial commitments of living and studying in Birmingham, UK.

Cost of living

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