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Student Halls

Birmingham City University (BCU) has several halls of residence offering a range of on-campus and inner-city living. Every option features desirable, modern facilities such as en-suite bathrooms and on-site gyms, ensuring your comfort while you study.

Living in student halls of residence is a great way to meet new people and make friends, as you will be sharing a kitchen and living area with 4-7 fellow students.

Options for September 2024

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How to book

Here are the steps to book one of the above options:

  1. Once you have paid your deposit and received your unconditional offer, send an email to (including your 6-digit BCUIC ID number) with your accommodation preference.
  2. We will reserve you a room under BCU and confirm the room allocation by email.
  3. You will then receive the details to accept your accommodation offer, sign your accommodation contract, and pay the deposit by CANVAS Students.

If you have any queries, or you would like to book accommodation for a different period, please email

Alternative Halls of Residence

If you do not wish to stay in BCU’s student halls of residence, there are many other alternative student accommodation providers in Birmingham. For these, you can book directly. Check out the options below.

Council Tax

If you will be living in student accommodation, you will automatically be exempt from council tax.

Information for Under-18s

All of the halls of residence provided by BCU are suitable for under-18s and will cater to your requirements. If you are under 18 and do not wish to live in student accommodation, we would advise you to be accompanied by an adult whilst residing in private accommodation.

Rental Glossary

Some of the jargon used in rental contracts can be confusing, particularly if English is your second language. Take a look at our glossary for definitions and to simplify the process of booking your accommodation.

Check out our rental glossary
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