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BCUIC Progression Scholarship

If you successfully complete your Birmingham City University International College (BCUIC) programme and progress onto your chosen Birmingham City University (BCU) degree, you will receive up to £1,500 off your tuition fee.

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Terms and conditions

  • This discount does not apply to students who are sponsored by a government/ organisation/company.
  • You will receive £1,000 off if you achieve 70-79.9%. You will receive £1,500 off if you achieve a minimum of 80%.
  • This discount applies to students joining BCUIC in the May and September 2024 intakes only.

Application instructions

There is no need to apply. The scholarship will be automatically applied on your progression to BCU.

Navitas Family Bursary

This bursary applies where two or more students from the same family study at a Navitas institution.

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The bursary is equivalent to 10% of the tuition fee for up to 8 units of study within one programme only with a Navitas member institution. The bursary does not apply to additional units or repeat units that may also be undertaken and excludes mixed English options.


  • The Family Bursary applies where two or more students from the same family study at a Navitas institution.
  • The first family member can be studying at a Navitas institution at the same time as the other family members or may have studied at any Navitas institution previously.
  • The bursary is granted to the second and subsequent family members who study at a Navitas institution.
  • To be eligible, students must not have previously received a Navitas scholarship or bursary, or had a scholarship or bursary from Navitas withdrawn.


For the purpose of this bursary, a family member is defined as a husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter or stepchild.


  • Successful recipients will not receive any money from the Navitas member institution. The value of the bursary will be recorded on the student’s account each semester of study.
  • The bursary does not apply to additional units or repeat units that may also be undertaken.
  • The bursary is not applicable to English language programmes or any component of any English language programme offered by Navitas member institutions.

Navitas member institutions

The Navitas bursary applies to students studying at BCUIC, ARU College, Brunel University London Pathway College, Curtin College, Curtin Singapore, Deakin College, Edith Cowan College, Eynesbury College, FIC, Griffith College, HIC, ICM, ICN International College, ICP, ICRGU, Keele University International College (KUIC), Lancaster University Leipzig, La Trobe College Australia, La Trobe University Sydney Campus, Queens College GSSP, RBC GSSP, SAIBT, SIBT, SRH International College, TMUIC, Twente Pathway College (TPC), The Hague Pathway College (THPC), The College Swansea University, UA92 Global, UC College, UCIC, UMass Boston GSSP, University of Leicester Global Study Centre, UPIC, Western Sydney University International College, Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus and WLIC.

Application instructions

A completed application must be submitted to the Navitas institution together with supporting documents, such as birth certificate or family card. The application form can be obtained from the Navitas institution where the student has enrolled.

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