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Student creating something out of clay

Art Support Hub

Choosing what to study after school is a big decision, and there are so many options. If you enjoy practical activities and using your imagination, have you considered a creative subject? At Birmingham City University International College (BCUIC), we offer foundation entry onto specialist degrees in Architecture, Art and Design, Fashion, and Jewellery.

If you’d like to apply to study a creative degree, you will need to submit a portfolio as part of your application. Our Art Support resources are here to help you build a strong portfolio for submission.


Art Taster - Working with Wire

A strong portfolio showcases experimentation with a range of different media. Our first taster session shows you how to work with and manipulate different kinds of wire to create unique and delicate works of art.


Art Taster - Sculpting with Salt Dough

This taster session shows you how to create and work with salt dough to produce sculptures or ornaments. Salt dough is easy to make at home and can lead to the most beautiful results.

Students walking past some street art in Birmingham

Creative Experts

When it comes to art and design, we know what we’re talking about. Birmingham City University (BCU) ranks in the UK Top 30 for a range of creative subjects, including:

  • 1st for Photography (The Guardian 2024)
  • 21st for Graphic Design (The Guardian 2024)
  • 24th for Architecture (The Times 2024)
  • 25th for Interior Design (The Guardian 2024)
  • 29th for Product Design (The Guardian 2024)

Art and Design at BCUIC

Lots of choice

BCUIC is the international college of BCU and provides foundation programmes that lead onto 20 different creative degrees at the University.

Unique degrees

Some of the degrees at BCU are one-of-a-kind, such as BSc (Hons) Gemmology (the science of gemstones) and BA (Hons) Horology (the study and art of measuring time).

Industry-standard facilities

BCU is home to dedicated workshops for wood, metal, plaster, ceramics, digital media, print and photography, as well as TV and radio studios that are regularly used by industry.

City-centre location

Based in the heart of Birmingham (the UK’s second city), you are surrounded by creative inspiration - including a mix of traditional and modern architecture, multiple art galleries, and a working Jewellery Quarter.

Successful alumni

Many former BCUIC students are now specialists in their field, working in roles such as Interior Designer, Jewellery Designer, and Interior Architect.

Expert tutor

BCUIC's Art, Design and Media foundation programmes are led by Bhavik Sharma – lead Art Tutor, with 10 years' industry experience.

Bhavik Sharma, Lead Art Tutor

Bhavik teaches the art and design modules at BCUIC and is passionate about helping students to harness their creativity. Having worked for 10 years in the creative industries as Designer and Creative Manager, Bhavik is here to support you with creating a strong portfolio for submission.

“My aim is to support you and help you enjoy the creative journey!”


BCUIC Art Exhibition

At BCUIC, we love to celebrate and showcase our students’ incredible work by hosting an exhibition at the end of each semester. If you need some inspiration, check out what our most recent students created for our May 2024 Exhibition!

Portfolio Guidance

If you’d like to apply to study Architecture, Art and Design, Fashion or Jewellery, you will need to submit a portfolio as part of your application. Check out our guidance on what’s required, and then you can start getting creative!

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